Eating Vegetables at Animal

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This post comes to us from Rachel Reynolds, KCRW’s Music Publicity Director and a Vegetarian.

As someone who eats mostly vegetarian, dining at Animal can be a challenge but I’ve been there many times – I’m friends with the chefs and because all my friends love it. Everything I’ve ever tasted there is delicious and I’ve heard enough tales of not-to-be-believed pork belly, poutine and pig ears that I’ve almost been tempted to try it.

But I never expected to eat what I did last night inside those walls — a FULL vegetarian menu! Thrillist editor Jeff Miller tipped me off to the arrival of acclaimed chef Jeremy Fox, who is joining Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo at the the Fairfax restaurant all this week to serve a vegetarian menu that changes nightly. There’s no tofu or tempeh on the menu, just vegetables cooked creatively – and deliciously, I might add. Of the 8-course meal, the smoked corn grits were by far the favorite at our table.