Emu Egg Scramble

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emu eggFarmer Peter Shaner is selling emu eggs at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.  They look almost pre-historic in their shape and color.  CJ Jacobson, of The Yard bought two eggs for a “slow scramble,” which he says will feed about 8 people.  The emu eggs are 60 percent yolk so they are much, much richer than chicken eggs (a chicken yolk is about 30% of the egg).  More info on the emu can be found with the American Emu Association.  Peter says the emus only lay eggs about once a week so he doesn’t have a huge supply on hand every week at the market.  One thing he told me is that the female birds lay the eggs and the male sit on them.  Hear CJ on this week’s Market Report.

As you can see from this video (after the jump), most of the work is in cracking the egg…