Feride Buyuran’s Azerbaijani herb kuku (göyerti küküsü)

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In Azerbaijan, “a house without a guest is like a mill without water,” or so the saying goes. You don’t hear about Azerbaijani cuisine every day but Feride Buyuran hopes to change that with her new cookbook, “Pomegranates and Saffron: A Culinary Journey to Azerbaijan.” On “Good Food” this week, she discusses the food served in her home country and shares this recipe for fresh herb kuku.

Göyerti küküsü is the most popular version of kuku. Feride throws lots of fresh herbs into the eggs, then cooks the omelette in a frying pan until both sides are golden. You can substitute some of the herbs for spinach, fresh mint or green garlic (just the green parts). Serve the kuku hot with bread if you’re eating it as a standalone dish, or room temperature as an appetizer. Don’t forget the dollop of creamy garlicky yogurt sauce on top.