Free Dinner at Susan Feniger’s Street with KCRW Donation

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It’s that time of year when we here at KCRW come to you, the listener, to ask for your support: it’s the pledge drive, which starts tomorrow.  As always, we have some really incredible premiums for you, including a Wusthof knife, KitchenAid cookware, a La Chamba pot and more (see below for a more complete list).

And, we’re going to sweeten the deal with a free dinner at Susan Feniger’s Street.  Last fall, Evan and Jimmy Shaw partnered in a dinner at Loteria Grill for people who donated to KCRW during Good Food.  This time Susan Feniger and Street’s Executive Chef Kajsa Alger are joining in the fun.  We’re also doing a pizza party with Brad Kent of Olio Pizzeria for people who donate less than $125.  Details after the jump…

Here are the specifics:

Dinner at Street

Dates: March 15, 22, or 29 (times TBD)
Where: Street, 742 N Highland Ave.
What: A family style dinner from Evan Kleiman, Susan Feniger and Kajsa Alger
How to get in: Join KCRW with a donation of $125 or more during Good Food (call 800-600-KCRW Saturday, Jan. 29 from 11a-Noon) or join online from Jan. 27-March 1 and put the words “Good Food” in the comments section of the online form.  Star members ($10 & $20 per month) are eligible for this dinner.  One invite per donation.
Parking: Valet is $8, or street parking
Drinks & Tip: Not included

Pizza Party

Date: Saturday, April 9 (time TBD, but it will be in the afternoon)
Where: Street, 742 N Highland Ave. (back parking lot)
What: Enjoy pizza and snacks from Evan Kleiman and Brad Kent (Olio Pizzeria) and a no-host bar from Street
How to get in: Donate less than $125 to KCRW during Good Food (call 800-600-KCRW Saturday, Jan. 29 from 11a-Noon) or join online from Jan. 27-March 1 and put the words “Good Food”in the comments section of the online form.  One invite per donation.
Parking: On-street parking online
Drinks: No-host bar from Susan Feniger’s Street

Premiums being offered during Good Food (1/29)

Gift certificate to playa (the soon-to-be-open restaurant from John Sedlar)

Gourmet Stainless Steel Cookware from KitchenAid
Wusthof Nakiri Knife
Cuisinart Breadmaker
Cuisinart PowerEdge Blender
La Chamba – Large Baking Dish (from The Road Less Traveled)
Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cooker
Lindy & Grundy Butchering Class