Get this garlic while it’s green

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Rose Schaner’s family farm sells green garlic this time of year at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. The green garlic is pulled from the ground in early spring before the plants grow into bulbs containing those ever-recognizable cloves. (Photo by Joseph Stone/KCRW)
Gavin Humes, executive chef at Cliff’s Edge in Silverlake, gets as much green garlic as he can into the menu during the plant’s short season. He makes a green garlic jus out of the roots and chargrills the stems for his pork tenderloin dish. None of it is wasted. (Photo by Joseph Stone/KCRW)
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Try making Humes’s pork tenderloin, grilled green garlic, green garlic jus and asparagus dish using the recipe below. Let us know how it turns out! (Photo courtesy of Cliff’s Edge)