Good Food’s Weekly Farmers’ Market Digest

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David Karp sizing his Andy’s Orchard Rainier cherries (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

This week market manager Laura Avery talks with pastry chef Shannon Swindle of Craft who is shopping for seasonal fruit like cherries, apricots and olallieberries. He bakes them into pies, purees them into sorbets or serves them fresh. Plus, Ken Brown of Andy’s Orchard discusses his five varieties of cherries and describes the nectarines, apricots and peaches we can look forward to in the weeks to come.

What You Should Buy This Weekend At the Farmers’ Market

Bing, rainier, van, black republican and black tartarian cherries from Andy’s Orchard in the Santa Clara Valley. Listen to Ken Brown talk about his cherries on this week’s Market Report.

Surinam cherries and french breakfast radishes from Coleman Family Farms in Santa Barbara. A hint of capsicum gives the surinam cherry the taste of a spicy bell pepper.

– Fragrant mara des bois strawberries from Harry’s Berries in Oxnard. “Tastes like what a strawberry Jolly Rancher wants to be.” – Producer Gillian Ferguson

Olallieberries and blueberries from Two Peas in a Pod in San Luis Obispo.

Recipes for your Market Haul:

Akasha Richmond’s Cocktail Cherries

Tartines with Gruyère and Radish Greens

Christine Moore’s Strawberry Shortcakes

Warm Olallieberry Pie from Brothers Restaurant at Mattei’s Tavern

Blueberry Ginger “Pie” with Oatmeal Cookie Crust and Vanilla Ice Cream