Good Food’s Weekly Farmers’ Market Digest

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News, Food, Recipes and Happenings from the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market

Every week Good Food visits the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers’ Market and brings the latest news from farmers and chefs in our weekly Market Report segment with market manager Laura Avery.

We also help you cook seasonally and sustainably by recommending some ingredients to buy each week and recipe ideas to cook with them. Your farmers’ market adventure starts here!

Market Report with Laura Avery

Laura Avery talks to Chef Oliver Lorenz of Josie talks about his love of fresh corn and how he’s using it at the restaurant.

Captain Ben Hyman of Wild Local Seafood sells at the Saturday Pico Market, the Sunday Mar Vista Market and the Wednesday Long Beach Market. He focuses on sustainable seafood from California. This week he brought in wild salmon and white sea bass from California.

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What You Should Buy This Weekend From the Farmers’ Market

-shelling beans

-melons (from Maggie’s Farm)


-shishito peppers

What You Should Cook With It 

Pan Fried Zucchini with Shishito Peppers and Borlotti Beans

David Lebovitz’s Fresh Shelling Beans Salad

Fresh Shell Bean and Sage Spread

Crunchy Melon-Jicama Table Salsa

Good to Know

This week there’s been a lot of news about where a lot of the seafood comes from that makes its way into U.S. grocery stores.

There are a few seafood vendors at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market that are good options for local and sustainable seafood.

Wild Local Seafood  Saturday Santa Monica Farmers’ Market, Sunday Mar Vista Farmers’ Market  

Community Seafood Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers’ Market, Sunday Santa Monica Farmers’ Market