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Tomato plants from the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers’ Market

News, Food, Recipes and Happenings from the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market

Every week Good Food visits the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers’ Market and brings the latest news from farmers and chefs in our weekly Market Report segment with market manager Laura Avery.

We also help you cook seasonally and sustainably by recommending three seasonal ingredients to buy each week and recipe ideas to cook with them. Your farmers’ market adventure starts here!

Market Report with Laura Avery

Laura Avery talks to Steve Murray of Murray Family Farms about why stone fruit has arrived 2-3 weeks earlier than usual at southern California’s farmers’ markets.

Robert Wemischner talks about the wonders of poaching cherries in red wine and shares his recipe for his Creamy Rice Pudding with Red Wine Poached Cherries. Find it here.


What You Should Buy This Weekend


-green almonds (what are green almonds you may ask? Here’s everything you need to know.)

-lemon verbena

What You Should Cook With It

Sweet Cherry Pie

Green Almond Salsa Rustica

Raspberry Tart with hazelnut crust and lemon verbena ice cream

Creamy Rice Pudding with Red Wine Poached Cherries

koda farms
Courtesy of Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Facebook Page

Good to Know 

The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market now has a rice farmer, and this was the first week that Robin Koda of Koda Farms sold her rice. She doesn’t sell it every week, so make sure you look for it on the right days. The next time she’ll be at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers’ Market is on May 21.

Other dates: May 21, June 18, July 30, August 27, September 24, October 22, November 19, December 17

If you have any questions about Koda Farms you can send an email to

Now’s a great time to start a garden! Pick up a tomato plant at your local farmers’ market.