Good Food’s Weekly Farmers’ Market Digest

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Every week Good Food visits the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers’ Market and brings the latest news from farmers and chefs.

This week Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook author Amelia Saltsman shares three tartine recipes for summer. She tops toasted country bread with ingredients like smashed avocado, green tomatoes, and nectarines.

We also hear from farmer Alex Weiser who is hosting an Outstanding in the Field Farm Dinner on June 20th at Weiser Family Farms. Part of the proceeds will go towards creating non-GMO heritage grain hubs in the Tehachapi area.

What You Should Buy This Weekend At the Farmers’ Market

Camelita peaches from Andy’s Orchard in Morgan Hill. Look for new varieties of stone fruit every Wednesday at Andy’s stand.

Black mission figs and mulberries from Murray Family Farms in Bakersfield. The mulberries have the unique taste of a grassier honeydew melon.

– Handpicked English lavender from Luckydog Lavender in Santa Barbara. French lavender will also be available in a couple weeks.

– Wild strawberries and red spinach from J&F Organic Farms in the Yucca Valley.

Recipes for your Market Haul:

Spiced Peaches on the Side

Anchoiade with Figs

Simple Roasted Figs

Lavender-Rubbed Duck Breast with Apricots and Sweet Onions

Prosciutto and Red Spinach Sandwich