How Do You Like Your Vermouth?

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This week on Good Food, Evan interviews Martin Doudoroff, author of and, about vermouth. Martin explains the 4 types of vermouth, where they are from and what they are used for. His hope is that people will start finding the vermouths they like and enjoying them simply over ice. It’s a perfect summer cocktail because it’s a lower proof alcohol that can be enjoyed before, with or after dinner.

My personal favorite is Sutton Cellars Brown Label Vermouth with a splash of soda water and a twist of lemon. Below is a list of vermouths broken down by country.

Italy : Carpano Classico, Antica Formula and Punti Mes are all vermouths from Turin

Chambery: Dolan’s White Vermouth is a classic example of dry vermouth that is often used in cocktails.
Marseilles: Noilly Pratt is the only surviving brand from this region and is used for cooking and drinking.
California: Vya (Madera, CA), Imbue (Portland) and Sutton Cellars (SF) are all artisinal vermouths made in America. The flavors of each depend on the botanicals used.
For more on each style of vermouth visit Vermouth 101