I Have A Lemon Tree’s Rhubarb Galette with Blood Orange Glaze

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This recipe comes to us from Gillian Ferguson, a Producer for Good Food  as well as all around food enthusiast, maintaining her blog I Have a Lemon Tree.

This pie, like so many others, is a hodgepodge of lessons learned and concepts borrowed.  The idea was sparked by a precious square-shaped galette from Thyme Cafe in Santa Monica, the brilliant technique came via Alice Waters and the addition of blood oranges in lieu of regular oranges (to enhance the red rhubarb color) I learned from Michelle Wojtowicz of Big Sur Bakery.   Rhubarb season has come and gone, but if you live in Los Angeles you can still find the colorful stalks at various farmers markets and occasionally at Whole Foods.  By cutting the stalks into thin strips you can bypass boiling the rhubarb and therefore the color stays intact.  If you can’t find blood orange you can use Valencia or other varieties, but the brilliant color of the Blood Oranges will make the color pop.

For the full recipe, travel to Gillian’s Blog Post.