Important Information for Bakers Competing in the 5th Annual Good Food Pie Contest

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This could be YOU bakers! (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

By now all of the bakers in this year’s competition should have received an email with important information. In case anyone still has questions, please reference the FAQs below.

Can I still enter another pie?

Nope! The deadline is DONZO.

How many pies do I make for each category that I entered?

TWO! One whole pie goes to the judges and the other pie you will serve to the public from 2-4pm.

Where and when should I drop off my pies?

Drop off is between 11am and 1pm on Saturday. This year the drop off location has moved to Fairfax Boulevard between Wilshire and 6th Street. When driving north on Fairfax, look for a driveway on your right hand side just north of Wilshire Boulevard. There will be a KCRW sign on the sidewalk. It is important to enter the drop off location from the Northbound side of Fairfax Avenue! Trying to enter from the Southbound lane is a traffic hazard. If you are confused look at this handy graphic below:

What should I bring when I drop off my pies?

It is crucial that you complete THIS FORM and bring it with you to the pie drop off. If you entered in multiple categories, bring one form per category. Do not expect to fill out the form once you arrive at the drop off. It should be filled out in advance.

I’m making a cream pie and I’m concerned about the heat.

We do our best to keep the cream pies shaded, but there is no refrigeration at LACMA. If you are making a cream pie, please drop off your pies closer to 1pm. If you would like to give us your pie in a cooler bag or another contraption that is meant to keep your pie cold that is fine, but your cooler bag or box needs to be roughly the same size as your pie plate. There is limited space and we cannot accept large coolers.

I am a kid and I entered in the under 12 contest, what should I do on Saturday?

Hello young baker! You only have to enter one pie in this year’s contest. You will serve your pie to the public along with the rest of the contestants from 2 to 4pm. Your mom, dad or a guardian should be there to help you out.

I made a LACMA inspired pie, how will the judges know what artwork it is based on?

You will print out an image of the artwork and drop it off with your pies.

I am making a fruit pie and I want it to be nice and hot when it gets to the judges.

Do not bring a pie that is fresh out of the oven. I repeat. Do NOT bring a pie that is fresh out of the oven. Either bake it late the night before or early the morning of the contest.

I entered the contest, but I can’t be there from 2 to 4pm to serve it. What should I do?

Please tell the KCRW staff member who takes your pie that you will not be available to serve it. We will find a volunteer to help serve your pie. Please note that we will not be able to keep track of any pie plates that are not picked up on the day of the event. So if you are absent, please bake your pie in a disposable pie pan or have someone else pick up your plate.

My husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/grandma is coming to cheer me on. Does he/she have to wait in line to taste pies?


How will I get my second pie plate back?

You will pick it up from the judging area at 4pm. I will give you directions to the loading dock at the Baker’s Meeting.

What should I do between 11am when I drop off my pie and 1:45 when the Baker’s Meeting starts?

You should go to LACMA of course! Wear your apron to receive free general admission to the museum.

Where should I park?

Parking at the museum fills up fast. We encourage you to park in the garage after you drop off your pie. (Click here for parking info.) Parking is NOT validated or reserved for contestants.

I am killing it on Instagram these days, is there a hashtag I should use when I take photos at the pie contest?

Obvi! Use #pieaday to tag all of your pie contest photos. You can also tag KCRW in your instagram photos and tweets with @KCRW.

I am still confused, what should I do?

Email me at I’ll  hook you up with some answers.