In Case You Missed It…California Cuisine: What It Is, and Why It Matters

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If you heard last week’s show, there were several clips from Good Food’s UpClose Event held on October 13th at New Roads School’s Ann and Jerry Moss Theater. The topic was California Cuisine: What it is and Why it Matters. It was a panel discussion moderated by Ruth Reichl, featuring prominent California chefs and personalities Roy Choi (Kogi, Chego), Joyce Goldstein (Square ONE), Eduardo Ruiz (Corazón y Miel), Nancy Silverton (La Brea Bakery), and Sang Yoon (Father’s Office).

Inspired by Joyce Goldstein’s recent release, Inside the California Food Revolution: Thirty Years that Changed our Culinary Consciousness, Reichl led an engaging and at times raucous discussion on the evolution of California Cuisine, from “farm to table” to food trucks. Reichl asserted that LA is the most interesting place to eat in America today thanks to a diverse and educated audience. Below is the audio from the event – please be aware that this recording includes profanity.