Join the Dosa Hunt on Instagram (#dosahunt)

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We’re going on a Dosa Hunt folks and it’s happening on Instagram.

At Dosa Hutt (via @dapwell) during the filming of Dosa Hunt.

After interviewing Amrit Singh about his short film Dosa Hunt, Evan and I could not get dosa out of our heads. Evan calls this “suggestive eating” and I call it a hazard of the job.

In an effort to find the best dosa in the Southland, we’re starting our own dosa hunt on instagram. Just tag your dosa photos with #dosahunt and we’ll collect all of your photos below. Be sure to include the location where you ate the dosa so we can chronicle the list of dosa-serving restaurants in Southern California.

Not sure what a dosa is? Or what a dosa hunt involves? Listen to Singh’s interview with Evan below:

Here are YOUR photos!