Jonathan Gold Dishes on His Favorite Eastside and Westside Eats

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Eastside versus Westside. It’s a timeless LA foodie argument. Who has it better? The West LA residents who live a stones throw from the latest gastropub? Or the East LA dwellers who live within walking distance to some of the best Mexican food in the country? The answer likely depends on where you live.

More often than not we hear those on the Westside lamenting the absence of good Chinese fare or a decent taqueria, but Jonathan Gold notes that Eastsiders also complain (albeit more quietly) about the dearth of white tablecloths. Like so many things in life, the grass is always greener…and the tortillas always fresher…on the other side. Hear Jonathan and Evan’s conversation below.

What neighborhood do you live in and what is your favorite local restaurant? How often do you cross the LA river (from whatever side you live on) for food? Check out more Westside vs Eastside coverage (you could even be on the air!) on Which Way, LA?’s blog and tune in next Thursday, February 6th for an on-air discussion about LA’s most famous rivalry.