Kazi’s Heritage Breed Turkeys

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Evan’s friend Kazi Pitelka is amazing.  First she took us backstage at the LA Opera (she’s a violist).  Then she invited me to her backyard farm to see her turkeys.  She has three heritage breeds and many chickens in a huge pen in her gigantic backyard.  Kazi has two Royal Palm turkeys and one Sweet Grass.  She’s planning eating one of the Royal Palm turkeys for Thanksgiving.  You can hear my conversation with Kazi this Saturday.  I was struck by how much Kazi loves her turkeys – she talks about them like they are pets and it makes perfect sense to her that these birds will become her dinner.  For her, it’s not a contradiction.  I’d love to hear what you think.  Could you raise something that you could ultimately kill and eat?  Have we become too detached from our food?

Kazi’s Turkeys

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