KCRW Wine Club -The Best Wines You’ve Never Heard Of

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Once again Stacie Hunt of Du-Vin Wine and Spirits and Splash Productions has put together an incredible selection of wines for the Winter 2012 Pledge Drive edition of KCRW’s Wine Club. Simply pledge $150 or join KCRW at $20 or more per month and you can select Stacie’s fabulous wine club as your premium. Stacie is calling this three bottle selection The Best Wines You’ve Never Heard Of.  Call 800-600-KCRW or go to kcrw.com/join to pledge today and get your hands on this unique collection of wines.

Keep reading to learn more about Stacie’s selections…

From the famous red wine region of Italy that produces the King and Queen of Italy’s reds: Barolo and Barbaresco, comes a WHITE wine.If we didn’t mention that this is Chardonnay with splashes of Sauvignon Blanc and Favorita you probably wouldn’t know it. This Piemontese white has a unique taste profile of spiced baked pears, white citrus flowers and freshness from its acidity. The finish is crisp and dry.‘08 VALE DO BOMFIN, Duoro, Portugal

From the country that made its fame from the fortified red wines called Port, comes this non-fortified, dry red wine.

This wine consists of 55% Tinta Barroca 22% Tinta Roriz (Old vines) 3% Touriga Nacional and 3% Touriga Franca. This is new-world style from a very old world locale.

The combination creates a wine that’s full-bodied with ripe, plump fruit flavors, especially plum, with accents of black pepper, tea and tobacco.
This wine has serious tannin–more from the grapes than from oak, that is well integrated, running all through the wine almost from the opening attack. The texture overall is rich rather than tough.  The wine is completely dry, without that suggestion of ripe-fruit sweetness that is typical in New World wines.  It’s a gritty, gutsy, dense red.  But it’s so well-balanced that I hardly noticed its 14 percent alcohol.


VDP de l’Aude Coteaux de Miramont from Douzens in Aude is a fine and well balanced wine with notes of vanilla and soft summer fruits. It’s got a Deep, rich dark colored with aromas of baked red fruits and berries. It is made with a blend of Syrah and Old Carignan grapes and aged in Seguin-Moreau oak barrels for 10 months. It makes me want to eat some rich dark chocolate truffles.