Kwanzaa Recipe: Chicken Yassa

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Did you know Kwanzaa was founded by a UCLA alum?

Maulana Karenga introduced the holiday during the frenetic days of the 1960s civil rights movement. He saw Kwanzaa as a way to celebrate black culture and connect African Americans to their heritage halfway across the world.

Each of the holiday’s seven nights is associated with a different principle. These include unity, self-determination, and faith.

On the sixth night, designated for creativity, families and groups of friends celebrate the Feast of Karamu. Dishes can vary, but they’re usually linked to African or African American cuisine.

Food historian Jessica Harris tells Good Food host Evan Kleiman that she likes to serve Chicken Yassa, a Senagalese dish infused with multiple layers of flavor from grilling, stewing, and a lemon juice and onion marinade.

She also enjoys spicing okra, corn and tomatoes with habanero chile.

What are you planning to make for Kwanzaa?