Luciana’s porchetta with garlicky greens

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If you’re invited to Amanda Hesser‘s house for Thanksgiving, do not expect to eat one bite of turkey. Instead, the co-founder of Food52 serves porchetta, shellfish and guinea hen to her guests.

Hesser’s porchetta recipe comes from Chef Ali Waks-Adams in Maine, who named the recipe after a chef named Luciana. Chef Waks-Adams recommends using a heritage pork shoulder, butterflied, with the skin on. Toast the aromatics — fresh rosemary, fennel, coriander, garlic and finely grated orange zest — before seasoning the porchetta. Then layer thin slices of pancetta over the porchetta to protect the roast from drying out. A side of garlicky greens is the perfect accompaniment to the robust flavors in the porchetta. Hesser’s recipe (below) calls for spinach, but any hearty green will do — kale, chard, escarole, mustard greens. By the time the roast emerges from the oven, Hesser says, your entire house will smell like an Italian trattoria.