Lunch, Anyone?

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Like any office, lunch is frequently an ordeal here at KCRW…at least for me.  If I don’t bring my lunch, which I try to do as often as possible, my options are limited.  There’s always the Santa Monica College cafeteria – a perfectly ordinary option, but not exactly full of flavor.  I can make the walk to Ocean Park and go to Thyme or Bolivar – tasty options but not kind to my bank account.  I imagine a lot of working folks have this problem: what to do for lunch.  This week on Good Food, Evan and Lesley Bargar Suter of LA Magazine talk about the state of lunch in LA – from food trucks to the 3-martini deal.

This week, I asked the Good Food team to send me pictures of some of their lunches.  I was lucky yesterday to be downtown so I went to Mercado La Paloma and Chichen Itza.  I’d love to hear about you have for lunch.