Malpua Recipe for Diwali

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Jayanta Kishore Paul, aka Chef Paul, of Tanzore restaurant in Beverly Hills, shares this dessert recipe in time for Diwala, the Indian festival of lights. (recipe after the jump)


This milk and semolina pancake is a popular dessert across parts of India, irrespective of the religion one practices. This is mainly prepared during festivals or any special occasions. It is very easy to prepare and requires only a few ingredients which are available at Indian grocery stores.

Milk- 500 ml
Khoya / Mawa (grated)- 2 oz
Semolina- 2oz
All purpose flour- 3 oz
Saunff- 0.2 oz
Desi ghee (clarified butter) to deep fry- 1 lb
For Sugar Syrup
Sugar- 1 lb
Saffron- a few strands
Water- 650 ml
For Garnish
Pistachio Nuts (chopped)- 1/2 oz

1. Boil milk to reduce to coating consistency (reduce by half). Cool it to room temperature.

2. Now add grated khoya, semolina, shifted flour and saunff to make a smooth batter of medium thickness. Keep aside for 30 minutes.

3. Put sugar and water in a sauce pan and bring to boil. Now simmer till it forms one string sugar syrup.

4. Dissolve saffron in 2 table spoon of hot milk and add to the sugar syrup.

5. Heat ghee in a shallow flat bottomed non stick fry pan. Now pour a small ladleful of batter to form a small pancake. Fry on low to medium heat.

6. Turn it over when it starts to change color slightly. Fry till the pancakes are light golden brown on both the sides. Transfer the pancakes into the sugar syrup.

7. While serving remove the pancakes from sugar syrup and serve hot garnished with pistachio nuts.