Matzah Factories Big and Small

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Ever wonder how matzah gets made? Check out this video from The Jewish Daily Forward.

This week on the show, I tag along on a preschool field trip to Chabad’s Matzah Factory in West LA. It’s not a real factory, but a model bakery where, in the weeks before Passover, children learn how to make unleavened bread.

I have lots of experience eating matzah, but I’d never made it myself before.

And I don’t know if I’ll be baking it again. Although I enjoyed my visit to the Matzah Factory, Chabad’s Rabbi Aron Teleshevsky recommended that if I want to recreate the experience at home, I should probably grind my own flour, so I can be sure it’s free of chametz (leavened impurities). You can’t really find kosher for Passover wheat flour at the supermarket, because who bakes their own matzah?