Modern-Day Slavery in Florida

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Back in April of 2009, Evan talked to Barry Estabrook on Good Food.  He had written an incredibly moving piece for Gourmet on the tomato pickers in Immokalee, Florida, who were living and working in grueling conditions.  The Coalition for Immokalee Workers (CIW) organized the workers and has successfully persuaded fast food restaurants to pay a penny more per pound.  That money was just released from escrow and will now be distributed to the workers.  This week on Good Food, Tom Philpott of Grist gives us an update on the CIW.

This past summer, the CIW created the mobile Florida Modern-Day Slavery Museum.  The converted cargo truck traveled to more than 20 Florida cities and also visited Washington DC.


Check out a video of the museum, which includes visitor reactions, and the CIW’s most recent video promoting their “penny a pound” initiative (after the jump)…