Modern Toilet; Asian Dumplings; Gustavo Arellano; Oyster Love

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Forget cereal and toast for breakfast. How about fried rice or noodle soup? Roxanne Webber of has breakfast around the world. Sandra Wu tells us about a toilet-themed restaurant that’s causing a stir in Taiwan. Author Rowan Jacobsen is obsessed with the Olympia oyster. The Ask a Mexican columnist, Gustavo Arellano, has a Vietnamese place for us to try. Green chiles are a staple of New Mexican cuisine. The LA Times’ Russ Parsons explains. The Beer Chick, Christina Perozzi is here with some of her favorite brews. Yeast is everywhere, from bread to beer to our intestines. Marcelle Pick explains how too much yeast can be a bad thing. Asian dumplings look complicated but they are actually really easy to make, says Andrea Nguyen. She demystifies the dumpling. And Laura Avery hits the Santa Monica Farmers Market to see what’s fresh and in season.