Moroccan Wines

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Stacie Hunt is a sommelier with Du Vin Wine and Spirits in West Hollywood and she’s a frequent guest on Good Food.  This week on the show she shared some really interesting stories, and recommendations, of Moroccan wine.  The country is the largest producer of wine in the Muslim world, producing about 34 million bottles annually.  While Muslims are forbidden from drinking wine, the market is driven mostly by foreigners.

Her list of recommended labels is after the jump…

’07 Domaine Riad Jamil, Beni M’Tir $13.99
100% Chardonnay, stainless steel fermentation. No oak at all.
Pale yellow-gold in color. Aromas of white honeysuckle flowers, white peach.
Fruity, pineapple, lanolin-like mouth feel.

‘09 Les Trois Domaines, Gris, Guerrouane $7.99
100% Cinsault. Salmon-pink in color. #1 Moroccan wine in
France. Nose of strawberries. Fruity, rich, good acidity. Finishes crisply.

’08 Amazigh (Ama-zir), Beni M’ Tir $7.99
Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah
Garnet colored. Spicy, nutmeg, clove. Plums. A medium-bodied
wine that is easy drinking, likeable, but not memorable.
All steel fermentation, no wood.

’03 Chateau Roslane, Premier Cru $24.99
Bordeaux Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah
Ruby-garnet colored. Nose of red berries, herbs, cassis.
Lush tasting, very New World Style.

You can sample these wines at several restaurants in Southern California:


Marrakesh — Studio City, Costa Mesa, La Jolla

Moun of Tunis – Sunset Bouelvard, Hollywood

Koutoubia – Westwood Boulevard, Westwood