Orange Wine: Five Bottles You Should Know

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Today on Good Food, Executive Wine Editor for Food and Wine Magazine, Ray Isle, joins Evan to discuss a new trend amongst hipster sommeliers – Orange Wine. He says that the wine is not pumpkin orange (like so many other foods we see this time of year) but instead a copper color like the photo to the left.

Orange Wine is made by allowing traditional white wine grapes like Pinot Grigio to ferment with the skins of the grapes. This is very unusual for white wine and creates unique flavors that can stand up to flavorful dishes traditionally reserved for red wine pairings. Find Isle’s bottle suggestions below…

(Italy) 2009 Scarbolo Pinot Grigio Ramato XL ($19)
(Italy) 2010 Attems Pinot Grigio Cupra Ramato ($20)
(Italy) 2010 Suore Cistercensi Coenobium Bianco ($24)
(Slovenia) 2008 Movia Lunar ($40)
(California) 2010 Scholium Project The Prince in His Caves ($45)