Oysters for Breakfast

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Yesterday morning (Wednesday), I left my house a little late.  Usually I eat breakfast at home, but yesterday I had no time.  I raced to the farmers market where I was to tape the market report with Laura Avery and assorted guests.  This week, we talked to the guys at Carlsbad Aquafarm about their mussels and clams.  Perfect, I thought.  I can have oysters for breakfast.


My parents live outside New Haven, Connecticut in a small village called Stony Creek.  One Christmas morning, their neighbor, an oysterman, broughtover fresh oysters.  He shucked them for us as we stood around the kitchen sink.  I thought about that Christmas morning as I stood on Arizona, near the Pacific Ocean, slurping down my Wednesday morning breakfast.  I thanked the cute guys that work the Aquafarm booth – I thanked them for the briny oysters and for making sure I can have them every Wednesday if I want.  I don’t have to wait until Christmas.