Photo: Floating Street Food in Vietnam

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Every day this month we’re going to be featuring a photo of street food from around the world.  It’s all part of our celebration of Global Street Food, culminating in our  event on May 1 at the Broad Stage.  Email us your photo and we’ll post it on our blog.

These photos are from Hong and Kim of the blog Ravenous Couple:

Here is a vendor selling banh mi from her sampan in the Cai Rang floating market of Can Tho, a major trading hub in Mekong delta.  You would think that the river currents would limit the possibilities of what a vendor can sell–until you see a vendor selling hot noodle soup bun rieu from her sampan. She would pour the hot broth into the bowl and hand it to you–we can’t imagine the tragedy of losing any delicious broth because of a big wave, let alone the possibility of scalding any skin if the bowl were to topple over.  Just wave these vendors over, and they come deftly rowing to you. We briefly wrote about his market here.