Photo: Malaysian Street Food

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vadakan_penang3Every day this month we’re going to be featuring a photo of street food from around the world.  It’s all part of our celebration of Global Street Food, culminating in our  event on May 1 at the Broad Stage.  Email us your photo and we’ll post it on our blog.

These photos come from Veronica, who writes:

People in Malaysia seem to be obsessed with street food and nowhere more so than in Penang. Two pictures are of nighttime “hawker centers” where rows upon rows of carts hawk everything from fresh barbecued fish to sweet, icy desserts. One could pass an entire evening hopping from stand to stand and exploring the depth and breadth of Malaysian (as well as Indian, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian) cuisine. The dish we loved, though, was the ubiquitous char kway teow, rice noodles stir-fried in a huge woks. But there’s much to choose from and lots of different cooking methods, too — most of involving a lot of FIRE!