Photo: Street Food in Seoul

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Every day this month we’re going to be featuring a photo of street food from around the world.  It’s all part of our celebration of Global Street Food, culminating in our  event on May 1 at the Broad Stage.  Email us your photo and we’ll post it on our blog.

These photos are from Elizabeth Kim, a travel journalist and photographer in Seoul, South Korea:

Street food of all kinds are offered in the busy streets of Myeongdong, Seoul. Here, busy food vendors crowd the streets lined with buildings that house multiplex theaters and high fashion boutiques. On any given day, you can see this urban district bustling with tourists and locals alike, forming lines around these carts offering delights.

20110416-IMG_110920110416-IMG_1097Egg in a bread hole….. Korean style.

20110416-IMG_1113Almost anything that can be stuck on a skewer is sold here.

20110416-IMG_1117The usual munchies when watching movies– dried squid, dried fish and extra crispy french fries are sold on carts in front of the multiplex.

20110416-IMG_1120Customers line up to splash a bit of ketchup to this street snack made of ddeok (rice cake) wrapped with fish cake. Served on a stick, of course.

20110416-IMG_1100This cart vendor offers sausages with ddeok (rice cakes) sqeezed in the middle.


And for dessert? A foot-long green tea yogurt.