Pie #55 – Butternut Squash-Apple

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With the temperatures finally cooling I decided my Pie Break was over and it was time to start baking again.  As a statement of the change of seasons it seemed appropriate to pick both squash and apples and combine them.  So that’s what I did.

I always use two kinds of apples, Granny Smith for tartness and their ability to maintain their shape and another variety for sweetness and softness.  I had a couple of Fujis in the frig.  I bought a small butternut squash with a long neck so it would be easy to peel and slice.  I used 4 apples and one small squash.  Looking at the combo in the bowl I decided to add a small onion and a little rosemary.  In order to pull out the juices of the apples I added a bit of sugar, then more salt than I would for a sweet pie, about 2 teaspoons.  I let the fruit – vegetable combo sit in the bowl for an hour or so for the juices to collect then I added a couple of tablespoons of flour.

I had some savory dough already made in the freezer but not enough of either to make a double crust.  But who would want to completely cover the filling anyway with it’s beautiful combination of deep orange squash and white apple slices?

So I decided to use the cornmeal dough for the bottom crust and cut some lattice strips from the cheddar dough.  I popped the pie in the oven and waited.  I knew the dough would color faster than the filling would cook so I placed a piece of foil loosely on top of the pie.  After about 40 minutes I checked the pie’s progress and discovered that it was dry….too dry.  But I had just made some chicken broth…hmmm, what would happen if I spooned in a bit of the broth through the lattice sections?  I decided to try and boy am I glad I did.  I let the pie cook for another 30 minutes.  By this time the broth mixed with the filling to created a very tender, savory, slightly thickened mass.  It smells heavenly.  Mom got the first slice and the rest is coming with me to KCRW this morning.