Pie-a-Day #35: Black Raspberry Peach Galette

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Until this week I don’t think I’d ever tasted a fresh Black Raspberry.  My only experience of the fruit was the frozen bags from Trader Joe’s.  The Pudwill berries are a revelation.  A unique flavor that almost seems artificial in the same way that fraises de bois have that almost bubblegum berry flavor.

I know that some followers of this blog think I was nuts to cook them at all, but I felt better about it after consuming nearly a whole basket one berry at a time.  In the end I decided to make a galette, that easy rustic pie-tart that is almost too easy to throw together.  Instead of the usual rich tart dough I would usually use I used an all butter pie dough.

As for the filling, I had a few sliced peaches left over from a peach pie and so I decided to combine the two fruits.  It was gorgeous in the bowl.  The black raspberries lent their deep color to tint the peaches in a way that emphasized the yellow-red color.  A beautiful combination that ended up tasting more delicious than I imagined.  The berries became even more intense and concentrated in flavor with cooking.  I hope there are more at the market on Saturday.