Pie-a-Day #40: Mr. McNair’s Fig-Thyme Pie

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I finished the bag of figs I had last week making those lovely Figgy Discs, but on a casual walk by of the Mission fig I have in my backyard I noticed some ripe fruit on the lower branches.  I remembered a recipe for a Fig-Pie Thyme in James McNair’s Pie Cookbook.

It’s a pretty straightforward fruit pie except for the addition of what one usually things of as a savory herb.  You quarter the figs, add sugar to taste, enough flour to bind, a squeeze of lemon and fresh chopped thyme.  I thought it would be super sweet and jammy, instead it was strange.  A KCRW colleague said, it seems like it should be savory and right at that moment I knew what it was missing.  It was a little flat for me, but a bit of feta or manouri cheese would give it the same contrast of flavors that you get in a tropical guava paste-cheese pastry.  I’m definitely trying that out next time.  But really like the addition of the coarse sugar on the crust.  Pretty and sparkly.