Pie-a-Day # 54 Rose’s Banana Cream Pie

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If you’ve been following my efforts you know that I’ve had “issues” with the pastry cream recipes used in cream pies.  Well nothing encouraged me to try again more than knowing I was about to interview Rose Levy Beranbaum, she of the Pie and Pastry Bible (and her latest Rose’s Heavenly Cakes).

So the night before the interview I made all the elements.

First, the crust, I choose her cookie crust which was very delicious raw.  Kind of like a sugar cookie dough, gritty with sugar and a bit sticky so I had to roll it out between two pieces of plastic wrap.  Then I bowed to the task of making the cream.  Since Rose is the queen of extremely precise measurement I sublimated my chaotic nature and measured everything exactly.  The cream came out perfectly.  I did a dance around the kitchen.  My pals wanted to eat it all out of the bowl.  After all, if you don’t put it in a crust it’s basically stiff pudding.  I have to say that I made the recipe twice.  I wanted a really deep layer of cream beneath the whipping cream and I wanted to be sure I really was capable of making it again.
So I woke up the next morning and took the already baked crust and set it on the counter.  I had found perfect little finger bananas so I peeled them and cut them up into one inch pieces and tossed them in a bowl with a squeeze of both orange and lime juice to keep them from turning brown.  I then drained off the excess juice and folded the bananas into the prepared vanilla pastry cream.  Actually it turns out that I didn’t need the double recipe.  I plopped the banana cream mixture into the crust and evened it out with a plastic spatula.  I then whipped some cream with powdered sugar and honey to stabilize it, put it into a pastry bag, put the pastry bag of cream into a zip lock bag and took at all to KCRW.  It was beautiful and delicious and I felt like a very competent person when I interviewed RLB.  Yeah!  Now I’m thinking of turning the extra filling into a pineapple chiffon pie.