Pie Contest Questions

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There have been a number of questions about the pie contest.  Hopefully I can clear them up.

KCRW’s Second Annual Good Food Pie Contest is taking place on the grounds of the Taste of Beverly Hills, between the hours of 4 and 6 pm.  The pie contest is FREE.  To attend the pie contest – as a baker, contestant, friend of a baker, eater, or onlooker – there is NO charge.  If you would like to attend the Taste of Beverly Hills events (there is a morning brunch and an evening barbecue), you must purchase a ticket.  The KCRW pie contest is separate from the TOBH events.  We are working on finalizing some discounts for the TOBH events for people who attend the pie contest.  In addition, if you are interested in attending any of the TOBH sessions apart from the Pie Contest you can go to the Angeli home page and click on a banner for a discount.

Once again, KCRW’s pie contest is free. I hope everyone who wants to watch, eat pie, or compete will come.  If you’ve entered the contest, we’ll be sending details shortly about pie drop off.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thanks and I hope to see you there!