Pie Poem

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As we embark on our Second Annual Good Food Pie Contest, I want to share with you a poem that a listener named Shannon sent me.  She writes:

“It’s an homage to all the generations of pie-baking women in my family and beyond. (Not to slight the male pie makers among us.) So here’s the poem…light verse, like pie, could use some advocates in this modern world!”

The Mom in the Moon

When the Mom in the Moon descends in the sky,
Her daughters on Earth rise and make pie

They sift and they cut, they roll and they flute,
They pile the crusts high with delectable fruit

The oven is hot, the pies slide right in-
To bake ‘til they’re brown in plates made of tin

Now it’s time they come out, to cool on the sill,
While the Mom in the Moon sleeps ‘neath the hill

But, when she awakes, and wake she will soon-
Then it’s pie-in-the-sky for old Mom in the Moon!