Planting My Tomatoes

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Good Food producer Harriet Ells is trying to successfully grow tomatoes, after two past failed attempts.  She spoke to Tomatomania’s Scott Daigre on Good Food a couple of weeks ago (listen here).  Check back here for weekly updates on her tomato progress.

My tomatoes seedlings are now in the ground.  Well, actually in pots.  This past weekend I bought 3 seedlings at Tomatomania: a Sun Gold (cherry), a Fourth of July (medium size hybrid) and a Pierce’s Pride (heirloom variety).  I planted them according to Scott’s instructions:

DSCN3696I put Malibu Compost in the bottom of the pot, followed by a mix of potting soil and planting mix.  I forgot the fertilizer in Evan’s truck, so that will have to go in later.  I watered the soil and mixed it around to make sure it was fully hydrated before planting the seedlings.


Scott wanted me to use two large bamboo stakes instead of the metal cages that I had used before.  I put them in the pots about 6 inches apart and put the plant in between.


I trimmed the bottom leaves and branches and planted the seedling so that about 2 inches of the stem was covered.


I sprinkled some worm castings and then prayed that they would start to grow.  It’s been a couple of days now and the plants still seem to have plenty of water.

I’d love to hear what varieties you chose to plant this year.  And I welcome any advice you might have.

My dog Jimmy gave me moral support
My dog Jimmy gave me moral support (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)