Rawsome Raided and Owner Arrested – Raw Milk Under Attack Once Again

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For the second time in 14 months Rawsome Foods on the Venice/Santa Monica border was raided by the Los Angeles Health Department and the LAPD.  There is speculation that the Feds are there as well.  James Stewart, owner of Rawsome, was arrested at 7am this morning and charged with “conspiracy to commit a crime.”  Presumably the crime is selling raw milk, but employees and shoppers on the scene reported authorities were throwing away raw meat and produce in addition to the $10,000 worth of raw milk that they poured down the kitchen’s sink.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department website confirmed that Stewart is being held on $123,000 bail and a Rawsome employee confirmed that Stewart will not be allowed to post his own bail.  We have heard that several local farmers are also mixed up in the raid, but the details of their involvement are unclear.

Last year’s raid was made famous by Stephen Colbert when he aired footage of Federal agents in SWAT gear with guns frisking employees and pointing guns at organic produce.  The situation this time around seems likely to get less laughs.  Pictures of the scene are below…