Recipe: Broiled Lobster Tacos

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Every Thursday on the Good Food blog we share a recipe from our archives.   Nancy Zaslavsky first shared this recipe for Broiled Lobster Tacos with us on March 29,2003.

Nancy is the author of many books on Mexican food including, Meatless Mexican Home Cooking: Traditional Recipes that Celebrate the Regional Flavors of Mexico. She is also a culinary historian and cooking teacher.  A link to her website is here.

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Nancy Zaslavsky-s Broiled Lobster Tacos, Puerto Nuevo
Cook either spiny (clawless) or American lobsters the day you buy them, or keep alive up to 2 days, refrigerated, wrapped in cold, wet newspapers.
Serves 6

Six 1 1/2-pound live lobsters

6 large flour tortillas

Favorite spicy table salsa

Melted butter

Lime wedges

Preheat broiler to hot. Bring 3 gallons water to boil in large pot. Rinse live lobsters. Plunge 3 at a time, head first, and boil 3 minutes. Place in large bowl or sink filled with ice water to cool lobsters. Repeat with remaining lobsters. When cool enough to handle, place lobsters on their backs. With large, heavy knife or cleaver, cut lengthwise into separate halves. Remove intestinal grain tract, rinse away green-black tomalley. For Maine lobsters, crack claws, remove meat, place in body cavities.

Arrange 6 pieces on a baking sheet, meat side up. Brush generously with melted butter. Broil 3 minutes until meat is barely opaque. Immediately arrange 2 halves per plate, as 6 remaining pieces broil 3 minutes.

Serve with warm, northern-style flour tortillas, table salsa, melted butter, and lime wedges.
SIDES: Puerto Nuevo restaurants always put out family-style bowls of refried pinto beans and red rice.