Recipe: Buttermilk Chess Pie

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The Buttermilk Chess Pie at Husk.

Sugar, eggs, flour and butter. Just four ingredients make up a traditional chess pie, yet there are thousands of recipes and variations.

Lisa Donovan is the pastry chef at Husk restaurant in Nashville. We spotted her Buttermilk Chess Pie while watching the second season of Mind of a Chef on PBS. She says chess pie is a dessert that defines Southern bakers:

“The really great thing about chess pie is that it speaks to what a Southern baker is at heart – someone who uses what they have on hand…In my opinion, that’s why Southern bakers makes some of the best baked goods. They can really just size up their pantry and make something taste super delicious with whatever they happen to have on hand. And this pie is a good example of that method of cooking.”

At this year’s pie contest, we added a Cooked Custard category so that pies like chess pie and pumpkin pie would have a proper home. This recipe for Lisa’s Buttermilk Chess Pie is a great starting point for bakers inspired to enter the Cooked Custard category. You can listen to Lisa’s interview with Evan on the Pie Cast.

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