Recipe: Cow Tipping Creamery’s Coconut Buddha’s Hand Sundae with Fish Sauce

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Veronica Meewes - Buddhas Hand Sundae
The Coconut Buddha’s Hand Sundae at Cow Tipping Creamery in Austin, Texas, is just one of 50 different innovative fish sauce-based recipes in Veronica Meewes’  The Fish Sauce Cookbook. (Photo by Clare Barboza)

Veronica Meewes - The Fish Sauce CookbookTim and Corey Sorenson, the ice cream magicians behind Cow Tipping Creamery in Austin, Texas, are known for their innovative sundaes that use local and seasonal homemade toppings. One fun creation features the exotic Buddha’s Hand citrus as an ice cream base. “Its origin [traces] back to the Far East, and it is a very fragrant fruit with a lemon aroma that lacks the bitterness of other citrus and has no juice or pulp,” explains Corey.

He garnishes his Coconut Buddha’s Hand Sundae with latik and toasted coconut milk crumbs, which are commonly used in Filipino desserts. To balance out the natural sweetness of latik, he adds a splash of fish sauce for that salty-sweet component.

Buddha’s Hand can be found at farmers markets around late summer or early fall, but you can alwys substitute with citron or lemon if it’s out of season.