Recipe: Cuban Natilla

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Photo by Ellen Silverman

Sit at a Cuban table and you could be in a sleek modern apartment in Miami, or you could be in Havana in an improvised corner of a modest abode that feels like it may crumble around you. Immigrants who leave the island have a wealth of product to work with while their family members who remain in Cuba use every bit of ingenuity they can to put out a meal. Yet both rely on that same table and taste memory to create and maintain identity.

Ana Sofia Peláez grew up in Miami in a Cuban household. When she moved to New York she had to use her own taste memory to recreate the dishes of her childhood. And now, along with photographer Ellen Silverman she brings those dishes alive in the book, The Cuban Table: A Celebration of Food, Flavors, and History.

Read on for a recipe for Cuban natilla and check out Ellen’s photos here.