Recipe: Greens, Beans, and Butternut Squash Stew

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This week on the Market Report Laura Avery interviews Amelia Saltsman, author of the Santa Monica Farmers Market Cookbook, about her Greens, Beans and Butternut Squash Stew. Amelia uses produce from Windrose Farm to create this entire dish. She describes it as the perfect Fall one pot meal. You can serve it over quinoa or brown rice.

Amelia also shares a tip with us for prepping braising greens. She says, “to easily separate greens from their stems, hold a leaf stem-end up in one hand. With your other hand, grasp both sides of the leaf and pull down sharply.” Voila!

Amelia will be demonstrating this dish and two others at next Wednesday’s kick off event for this year’s Good Food Festival. Suzanne Goin will be emceeing the event and you can find a full roster and line up of the day’s events here.

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