Recipe: Grilled Artichokes with Umami Butter

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The enormous globe artichokes at Life’s a Choke Farmstand.

This week on the Market Report Chef Brooke Williamson talks to Laura Avery about the Grilled Artichokes with Umami Butter that she serves at her restaurant The Tripel in Playa del Rey. She first steams the artichokes in acidulated water, then grills them until charred. Before service she sautees a few tablespoons of housemade “umami butter” (recipe follows) with radishes and serves them atop the grilled artichokes.

For a quick tutorial on how to trim an artichokes (often described as “turning” an artichoke after the word tourner in French) check out this video from Gourmet’s archives:

In addition to The Tripel, Williamson and her husband Nick Roberts own Hudson House in Redondo Beach.