Recipe: Grilled Belgian Endive with Fresh Turmeric and Walnuts

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On the grill: Belgian endive with fresh turmeric and walnuts. The trick is to pay close attention to these since they brown quickly. (Photo by Yoko Takahashi.)

Russell Moore and his wife/co-author, Allison Hopelain, bring to life the heart of what their Oakland-based restaurant, Camino, has to offer: straightforward seasonal cooking at its best. Whether you’ve been or not, these are the dishes that you can—and will want to—cook at home for yourself and the ones you love.

The recipes in This is Camino capture the honesty of Russell’s unconventional approach to cooking and running a restaurant that begins with his live-fire cooking in Camino’s cavernous communal dining room, where family-style sharing is always encouraged, to no tipping. Formality aside, even his menu inspiration often takes the form of happy accidents and experimentation, as with his recipe for Grilled Endive with Fresh Turmeric and Walnuts (below).