Recipe: Ivan Ramen’s Dashi Maki Tamago

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In Ivan Orkin’s new cookbook, Ivan Ramen, his shio ramen recipe spans 41 pages. I repeat, 41 pages. It’s not exactly a weeknight recipe, but also not impossible. Evan Kleiman writes,

“Wouldn’t it be fantastic to do The Bowl as a group project with friends who love to cook?  You can match assigned tasks to particular abilities and personality traits. For example, that friend you have who is a total perfectionist and slavish recipe follower? He or she can make the broth. I would (of course) make the noodles. Then the simpler components can be farmed out to friends with less time or ability. You set a date for bringing it all together and have an Ivan Ramen bowl extravaganza.”

Well yes – that would be fantastic; but if it’s a casual Sunday night and you’ve made some dashi (inspired by listening to Good Food of course) then this Dashi Maki Tamago will do the trick. If you’re one of those slavish recipes followers and require a square omelet pan you can pick one up at the new Muji store in Hollywood.