Recipe: Magnus Nilsson’s Scallops Cooked Over Burning Juniper Branches

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A few months ago there was a great piece on BBC’s The World about trying to cook from Magnus Nilsson‘s cookbook Faviken, named after his 12 seat restaurant on a remote 20,000 acre property in Northern Sweden. Two producers for the show went to a local Whole Foods looking for a few of the recipe’s harder to find ingredients: a cow’s heart, a cow’s femur and a turnip that had never seen the light of day. The “retired dairy cow” also on the list was harder to find.

Sourcing for this dish of Scallops Cooked Over Burning Juniper Branches is no easier, but it is doable for a determined cook. This weekend on the show Nilsson explains that this dish is so good that it’s been on his menu at Faviken for three years.