Recipe: Mangoes in Coconut

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Tomorrow on Good Food, Laura Avery interviews CC Consalvo of Clean Plate Meals about how she likes to use Valencia Pride mangoes from the Santa Monica Farmers Market. CC pairs the ripe mangoes with coconut milk, toasted sesame seeds and fresh mint. Keep reading for her recipe and her unique suggestion on how to peel a mango…

Mangos in Coconut

Tools needed:

Cutting board
Pairing knife
Can opener
Fancy plate


1 Can of coconut milk
2 table spoons of black or toasted sesame seeds
1 medium to large ripe, sweet mango
1 teaspoon of toasted sesame oil
1 tablespoon of coconut milk
Fresh mint sprigs

First cut the top and bottom of the mango  (about a 1/2 inch each) so that it will stand up right on your cutting board for easier peeling. Once upright begin slicing away the thin skin by starting at the top and working your knife down on all sides until skin is off.
Then take a look at the bottom of the mango and you should see an oblong shape – that’s the bottom of the pit that runs along the inside of the mango. You want to cut around that long pit, long ways and get as much of the mango flesh off as possible.

Open your coconut milk and pour at least half or all of it onto your plate until the covers the bottom. Now you want slice your mangos. You should have 2 long halves to slice thinly into bit size pieces and then fan them out onto your plate of coconut milk.

Garnish the mango with sesame seed, a swirl of sesame oil, shaved coconut flakes and mint.  This makes a great dessert or breakfast.

Recipe by: Personal Eco Chef CC Consalvo.
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