Recipe: Nam Prik Noom (Chiang Rai Chile Relish)

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Nam prik – technically it translates to “chile water” but Night + Market chef, Kris Yenbamroong, explains it can be a relish, dip, chutney, salsa or a condiment depending on how you’re using it. In an interview on Good Food (below) he explains that, “Thai people are always looking for things to dip in other things.”

Given Americans fascination with dipping, I think nam prik has a pretty good chance of hitting the mainstream; but unfortunately for those who rely on things that come in jars, Yenbamroong says there isn’t a good option on grocery shelves yet. The good news is that he agreed to share his recipe for Nam Prik Noom which he says is his favorite of all the nam priks. Traditionally it’s made in Chiang Rai (Northern Thailand) and incorporates Anaheim chiles, shallots and lots of garlic. The consistency is simliar in texture to cooked eggplant. It’s pretty addicting stuff. Check out the recipe below, or if you’re heading to Night + Market order the sai uah – an herb sausage served with nam prik noom and cucumbers.