Recipe: Nancy Singleton Hachisu’s Japanese Shiso Rolls with Miso

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FM-81-pickling containers at well
Nancy Singleton Hachisu checks on her pickling containers. Photo: Kenji Miura

Native Californian Nancy Singleton Hachisu has been living with her family for 26 years now in rural Saitama, Japan, where she heads their local prefecture’s Slow Food convivium. As a follow-up to her first book on Japanese Farm Food, her latest undertaking, Preserving the Japanese Way: Traditions of Salting, Fermenting and Pickling for the Modern Kitchen, offers a glimpse into these long-held artisanal practices.

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Making miso.

Although the tradition of preserving food as a way of everyday life has largely passed from the hands of Japanese grandmothers to those of artisans or, in many cases, factory production, a younger generation of passionate “fermenting and pickling aficionados,” as she calls them, are reviving and continuing these methods. Nancy shares this recipe for Shiso Maki or Shiso Rolls, which she learned during a visit to the Iwate prefecture. She suggests enjoying these with a bowl of hot rice as a savory-sweet snack to go with your afternoon green tea.